Housing Disrepair

Whether you rent from a private or social landlord, your landlord has repairing obligations, expressed in the tenancy agreement or implied by law. We can assist you in enforcing those obligations if the home you renting is in disrepair, and having notified your landlord, he has failed to carry out repairs at all or in a satisfactory manner. Depending on your case it may also be possible to claim compensation for the inconvenience suffered as a result of the disrepair or where the disrepair has resulted in a personal injury to you or a member of your household.

Breach and Enforcement of Tenancy Agreements
Know your rights and obligations as provided by your Tenancy Agreement and the rights and obligations conferred on you by Law. We can advise you on these and let you know if any part of the written agreement is unenforceable. We can also assist you with any disputes arising from the tenancy agreement. You may also wish to have us check the agreement for you, prior to signing it to ensure your rights are well covered.
Your landlord has a responsibility to ensure the property meets various Health and Safety standards before any property is let out. We can advise you what these responsibilities are and how you can enforce them.

Unlawful Evictions and/or Harassment

Is your landlord harassing you in any way, e.g. turning up at the rented property, without notice and demanding access to the property; entering the premises without your consent; sending you text messages and calls. Have you been evicted from your property without a court order? Do you know that it is a criminal offence to evict a tenant without the necessary court order? If this has happened to you and you want redress then contact us immediately as may be able to you get back into the property, provided this is what you want and depending on the circumstances of the situation. We will advise you fully. Additionally if appropriate, again depending on your particular case, we may be able to obtain compensation for you for the unlawful eviction and for any of your personal belongings that may have been damaged and/or destroyed in the process.

Call us now to discuss your case and how we can assist. It is important that you act quickly, especially where reinstatement into the premises is required.

Rental Repossessions

Are you in arrears? You can take preventative actions now before your landlord serves you with a Notice to Quit or commence any court action. In our opinion possession actions can be prevented provided the tenant acts quickly prior to any service of Notice and/or court papers.
Contact us now for further advice and what preventative actions you can take.

S21 Notices

The procedure is otherwise known as the Accelerated possession proceedings. This simply means that a landlord is able to obtain possession relatively quickly provided certain conditions are met. This procedure however is only available for certain tenancies; we can therefore check your agreement and advise if S21 Notice is applicable to your type of tenancy or whether it is valid as served. An invalid and/or a defective S21 Notice is a complete defence to any such claim for possession.
Contact us to discuss how we can be of help

Warrants of Eviction

Have you received a warrant of eviction? Do Not ignore this and you must act quickly too. There is still a chance to postpone/suspend the warrant so must act quickly and certainly before the eviction date. Contact us immediately for Advice and we will assist you on the process to suspend, as appropriate.

Tenancy Deposit

Has your landlord failed to register your deposit? Contact us now to discuss the consequences of this in relation to your tenancy and what actions you can take against your landlord especially where the landlord is trying to evict you because you have complained to him about any breach of his obligations under the Tenancy Agreement. Or is there simply a dispute as to how much of the deposit is to be returned to you after you have vacated the rented premises.

Mortgage Repossession

Do you own your home and have you fallen into arrears and threatened with repossession. We have Solicitors with experience of dealing with mortgage repossession cases. They can advise and assist or represent you in such matter, achieving the best possible outcome possible. Clients must however act quickly to have a chance of preventing their homes being repossessed.

Leaseholder Enfranchisements

Our Solicitors can assist you to enforce your Rights under the Leasehold Agreements, assist with disputes arising from such agreements, for example disputes about charges and/or invoices raised and also about terms of the lease agreements.

Private Landlords

Our Housing Solicitors at RMB Solicitors can assist you in serving the correct Notices on your tenants saving you time and reducing the possibility of the Court rejecting your application for Possession Order due to technicalities such as serving incorrect and/or defective Notices or you using the wrong Court Form.
We can also act in Possession claims, attending Court hearings on your behalf and applying for Court Warrants where the tenant fails to vacate the premises despite having obtained a Possession Order.
We can act for you in disrepair cases, defending this on your behalf including any claim for damages. We will advise you of what your repairing obligations are in terms of what is considered to be disrepair under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 as opposed to improvements to the property, which you are not liable for.
We will negotiate on your behalf to achieve a reasonable outcome for you.

Working for your interest in every way